Conducted training on “Trauma assessment and treatment” for psychologists of the Armed Forces BiH and psychologists from the Mental health centers in BiH

The training "Assessment of trauma and treatment" was oganised from 07 to 11 December 2015. During the training, psychologists of the Armed Forces (AF BiH), as well as psychologists employed in Mental health centers (MHCs), had the opportunity to become familiar with rich working experience of psychologists employed in the Armed Forces of the Kingdom of Denmark.

This training aimed to present specific experiences and working techniques related to assessment and treatment of trauma within military population, and with presentations and exercises to strengthen the existing working capacities of AF BiH and MHCs psychologists, as well as to strengthen cooperation among psychologists from both institutions.

The training was conducted by Ms. Felicia Nylokke and Mr. Henrik Becker Klausen, psychologists from the Veteran Center of Kingdom of Denmark, and beside six psychologists from AF BiH, the training was attended by 16 psychologists employed in MHCs in municipalities where barracks of the AF BiH are located.

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