In Bosnia and Herzegovina, numerous indicators demonstrate that inadequate qualifications lead to increased unemployment and poverty. According to the Agency for Statistics of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the 2011. and 2012. of the total number of unemployed, people aged 25-49 years account for more than 60 percent of the unemployed, while 15 percent of the unemployed population is older than 50 years, which indicates that there is a serious imbalance between qualifications of the labor force and labor market needs.

After the war in BiH numerous companies have gone bankrupt and many workers left jobless. Migration of population caused disruption of schooling, so many residents of BiH have remained deprived of regular and quality education.

Due to expressed long term unemployment, the majority of registered unemployed persons possess outdated knowledge, skills and competencies. There is large number of unemployed people with occupation/trades that were not needed even in last 10 years. Mismatch, therefore, is not a problem in global sense of qualifications, but also in terms of skills and competencies that the education system provides.

Due to new technological developments, more sophisticated manufacturing processes and changes on the labor market in Bosnia and Herzegovina, there is a need for education of unemployed adult persons, who will acquire their first occupation, as well as those who wish prequalification or upgrade their qualification.

There is a lack of awareness of the need to constantly educate ourselves throughout life, even the education of adults is very important, because it enables people to constantly adapt their qualifications and s kills to the needs of the labor market. Absent of the legal framework for adult education complicates prequalification and upgrading qualification of existing personnel in BiH.

Strategies and laws on adult education provide a new chance for working force to acquire skills and qualifications required by labor market. Although, adult education in BiH has been mentioned in Strategy for the Development of Vocational Education (2007) and in Strategic directions for the development of education in BiH, with implementing plan 2008-2015, Strategy for adult education is not adopted at either the state level or entity level, although, Republic of Srpska has adopted the Law on Adult Education in June 2009.

Currently in Federation of BiH, only Unsko-sanski Canton has adopted the Law on adult education and Canton Sarajevo has started the procedure for adopting the law on adult education, and has recently completed phase of public consultation. There is a necessity for systematic solution for adult education, but the law should be adopted at state level as well as the Strategy.

Republic of Srpska has adopted Law on adult education and there is Institute for Adult Education, which have resolved many questions of this educational segment, while in Federation of BiH that does not yet exist.

Numerous nongovernmental organizations demand from decision makers concrete activities on plan of legislation in Federation BiH which will adequately address these problems.

Meanwhile, In 2013, the web site, which is unique and largest data base of providers and seekers of the trainings in BiH, has been launched,

The purpose of the web page is to support the development of data base on adult education, enabling BiH companies and individuals access to more information about informal training programs as well as professional training providers in one place.

Through the web site is planned to:

  • Inform potential users about current offer in informal and formal sector with particular focus on professional/vocational education and trainings
  • Avoid creating identical trainings by different projects in the same region
  • Employment services facilitate selection of training providers
  • Facilitate the process of identifying topics for creating new trainings to all training providers and thereby indirectly affect expansion and diversification of their offers in the field of adult education has been created within the project “Support to adult education” with a goal to point out, to BiH citizens, possibilities that adult education offers and through positive examples highlight importance of lifelong education. Project was implemented in cooperation with USAID-SIDA FIRMA Project, Labour and Employment Agency of BiH, Employment Bureau of Federation of BiH, Institution for Adult Education of Republika Srpska and SPEKTAR Agency.