Representatives of the MoD and AF BiH attended the militry personnel selection process within the Armed Forces of the Kingdom of Norway

As part of Preventiva project implementation, in the period from 17 to 21 January 2016, a study visit to Kingdom of Norway has been conducted, on which the representatives of the Ministry of Defense and the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina had the opportunity to attend the selection process of military personnel in the Armed Forces of the Kingdom of Norway.


At the Center for Recruitment and Transition in the city of Hamar, the process of recruitment and selection of soldiers in the Armed Forces of the Kingdom of Norway has been presented by Major Bjorn N. Jacobsen, while the selection process, as well as the recruitment process for the basic training of officers - the Norwegian model was presented by Lieutenant Colonel Stein Garang and psychologist Jan O. Heimdal at the military base Sessvollmoen.

In order to familiarize the Bosnian delegation to the selection process of pilots in the Armed Forces of the Kingdom of Norway, a visit has been conducted to the aviation Center for selection of pilots at Rygge military base, where Major Per E. Odegaard and chief psychologist Lang-Ree presented activities conducted at the Center. As part of this activity, a visit has been organized to the 330 helicopter search and rescue squadron in the "Sea King" helicopter base.


Norwegian hosts in front of the Ministry of Defence of the Kingdom of Norway, Mr. Jakob Heradstveit and Mr. Geir Myrseth, additionaly to the above mentioned organized a visit to the Norwegian Defense Museum and the Museum of resistance in the Akershus Fortress, the Nobel Peace Prize Center, as well as other locations with the aim of presenting the historical and cultural heritage.

This study visit, which where attended by the Deputy Minister for Personnel Management, Commander of the 6th Infantry Brigade, Commander of the Command for Personnel Management, heads of Centers for recruitment and transition, MoD and AF BiH psychologists, as well as other relevant MoD and AF BiH staff, will serve as the basis for conducting of the workshop by Norwegian military psychologist in the the following period. The aim of the upcoming workshop will be to present psychological topics related to the process of selection and classification of candidates for military service and presentation of the Norwegian model to MoD and AF BiH psychologists.

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