Study visit to the Kingdom of Denmark

Study visits of military psychologists from Armed Forces BiH to the Kingdom of Denmark, was realized during the period from 02 to 07. November 2015.

Educational workshops were organised during the period of four days in three locations: Ringsted, barracks Høvelte and Kastellet, mostly leaded by two military psychologists from Kingdom of Denmark, Mr Henrik Klausen and Ms Felicia Norlykke. The workshops were also present was a military psychologist from Sweden, Niklas Wisen, who presented the work system which is applied in the Armed Forces of the Kingdom of Sweden.

Military psychologists of MoD / AF BiH, in addition to the above, were presented with the work and activities within the Armed Forces of the Kingdom of Denmark, by the Chief of Staff Veteran center Mr Kristian Malver, the Chief of the military-psychological Department of Peacekeeping Operations Mr Elias Kristjánsson and social worker Ms Lene Norgaard. Also presentations were prepared by the Associate of the Department of the Psychological Research Ms Katja Longaard, officer Captain Jesper Lund and NCO Lars R. Jensen who is a liaison officer in international operations as well as the Captain Henrik Christiansen from the Military research center which presented work related to the situation of detention.

The focus of the educational workshops was the presentation of the Danish model (INTOPS) of work of military psychologists in relation to peacekeeping operations, before, during and after deployment.

With segments recorded during a workshop at the barracks Høvelte and interviews conducted by the coordinator of the project "Preventiva" from the Veteran center of the Kingdom of Denmark, psychologist Henrik Klausen and MoD / AF BiH psychologist Ms Vesna Ležaja, short feature about implementation of the Project and support provided by the Kingdom Denmark was prepared.

"BiH psychologists trained in Denmark”

Denmark supports the training of psychologists of BiH defence (MoD/AF hereinafter), which is an experienced military psychologist got five new colleagues. The BiH soldiers were guarding the camp Price, while Denmark battle group used as a base camp for the main tasks in Helmand province. A BiH defence still has troops in Afghanistan, and personnel deployed as UN observers as from other countries who are in Africa. However, despite that, the BiH forces with 10 000 soldiers, until recently, had only one military psychologist that takes care of all attitudes in the area of psychological care. Preventiva Project, which was launched in 2013, now takes effect. BiH defence forces in the autumn of 2015, hired five additional psychologists and now they, supported mainly by Denmark and Norway, are at the stage of training and development, and establishment of the system that will be able to perform the tasks of recruitment and screening for the treatment of those with mental health problems as a consequence.

Psychologists from Veteran Centre directly participated in the training, focusing on the role of psychologists in relation to sending troops to international missions, from the briefing before the mission to visit the mission in the field and monitoring. Danish psychologists introduced to their colleagues the procedures of treating people who have mental difficulties and problems.

Bosnia and Herzegovina faced the problem because the state has a certain number of traumatized soldiers after major conflicts during nineties. We hope that our experience with the Danish model of support to veterans can help Bosnians so they can help themselves (to each other), said Mr Henrik Becker Klausen.

Within 45 weeks of the year - BiH psychologists as part of the training participated in the Study visit to Denmark, where they were taught in Ringsted, Høvelte and the Citadel (Kastellet) and see the local way of life and work.

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